Arsenal fans on Twitter have stumbled across a goldmine regarding the Manchester City case…

The topic of conversation today is certainly the events which are involving regarding Manchester City. The club is currently under investigation for financial breaches occurring over the last decade. It’s now been reported that the lawyer in charge of the case is an Arsenal fan.

That’s right. Murray Rosen KC, who has been appointed to chair the independent commission looking into Manchester City’s financial breaches is an Arsenal fan. Of course, he will put all exterior biases aside, as he is an established and experienced professional in the field of law, but this hasn’t stopped Arsenal fans from digging.

What’s important is that a fair and just outcome is reaches. This is something I’m sure will happen, with a plethora of experienced professionals working on the case. It is yet to be seen what the punishment will be and this could take some time but Twitter is certainly a great place to be to provide some light and humor in the situation. Let’s see what Arsenal fans have had to say in response…

Having more Arsenal fans involved in positions of power and authority sounds like a win-win for the club.

Could the Mykhaylo Mudryk saga come back to bite Chelsea in the backside?

Can we book it off work yet?!

This Arsenal fan would rather win the title fairly.

Manche$ter City do have a way of getting out of these situations.

Did Arsene Wenger predict these charges back in 2012? More on that here.

The news first broke from the Daily Star, whose excellent digging found out this information. The report sings high praises of the King’s Counsel, who routinely seeks the fairest outcome for sport. This case is in safe hands, regardless of the hilarious memes circling Twitter.

What do you think will be the fairest punishment for Manchester City?

By zonxe